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Administrative Staff

Moore 2019

Name: William Moore

Position: Director

Phone: 307-836-7501

William (Bill) Moore has a very diverse background.  He served a distinguished military career initially in the United States Army as a linguist working in the cryto-intelligence field, and then in the United States Air Force as a navigator on C-130 aircraft, an operational auditor and as a special agent and commander in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.  After his retirement from the military, he served as a criminal investigator in Oregon and then served as the Investigations Major for the Wyoming Department of Corrections (WDOC) before accepting his appointment as the Director of the Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy.


Name: David Salazar

Position: Deputy Director

Phone: 307-836-7502

David Salazar served WCCA as the Region 5 Public Relations Specialist prior to being hired as the academy’s deputy director in April 2017. He brings a wealth of leadership experience and military training knowledge having served in the U.S. Marine Corps and as a Department of the Army employee for nearly 20 years.  He has served in Australia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Afghanistan as well as in numerous states including Hawaii, California and Florida.  He served one combat tour in Iraq as part of the 1st Marine Division during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

As deputy director, Mr. Salazar oversees the Recruitment, Placement and Mentoring Department, Academics, Medical and Counseling Departments and plays an intricate role in the Academy’s advertising and outreach efforts as well as the cadet discipline process.


Name: Edie Harris

Position: Executive Admin Assistant

Phone: 307-836-7500

Edwina (Edie) Harris is the Executive Administrative Assistant and started at WCCA in 2016.  Each day brings a new challenge but nothing can be more rewarding than the privilege of seeing the youth here working on their growth as an individual. She is very fortune to be a part of the Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy team.

RPM Staff


Name: Vacant

Position: RPM Coordinator

Phone: 307-836-7503



Name: Tanner Waid

Position: RPM Assistant – Bravo

Phone: 307-836-7517

Tanner Waid  is a Recruiting, Placement and Mentoring Assistant at the Wyoming Youth ChalleNGe. RPM Waid first worked as a Cadre for over 2 years prior to working in the RPM department. Tanner, a graduate from the University of Wyoming, holds a degree in Social Science.


Name: Sandra Harold

Position: RPM Assistant – Alpha

Phone: 307-836-7524

Sandy Harold is a Recruiting, Placement & Mentoring Assistant at ChalleNGe. RPM Harold first held a cadre position during the 2006 inaugural class through class 2, then left to pursue her education, get married and start a family. She re-joined the program in April 2017.


Name: Mykel Owens

Position: Recruiter Region 1

Phone: 307-836-7522 or 307-331-4657

Mykel Owens graduated from the University of Wyoming in May 2019. During her time at UW, she worked with kids of all ages and is excited to start her new career helping make a difference in young people’s lives as a recruiter for WCCA.


Name: April Corwin

Position: Recruiter Region 2

Phone: 307-677-6136

April Corwin graduated from college and began working as a recruiter for a school that helps youth obtain education and job trades.  She went on to work in the recreation and the aquatics and spent over 15 years in various recreation management positions.  She has always enjoy working with young adults and helping them to succeed in their careers and education.  Mrs. Corwin started working for WCCA in Nov. of 2017 and has again enjoyed making a difference in young people’s lives by recruiting students for WCCA.


Name: Don Shreve

Position: Recruiter Region 3

Phone: 307-250-8468

Don Shreve has lived in Cody Wyoming and has been with the program since 2012. He is a recruiter and loves his job as he is given the opportunity to change young people’s lives.


Name: Christi Parrish

Position: Recruiter Region 4

Phone: 307-836-7518 or 307-696-9145

Christi is a University of Wyoming alumni and has worked for the State for several years. She joined WCCA  in the RPM department as a recruiter and Bravo case manager; moved to the Operations department to become the Commandant’s Assistant. In March, Christi returned to the RPM department as a recruiter.


Name: Martin Gubbels

Position: Recruiter Region 5

Phone: 307-836-7503 or 307-331-0815

Martin Gubbels has engaged in working with, serving, helping, teaching, coaching,
mentoring, and learning from people, especially young people all his life. He came to
WCCA in May of 2020.
Upon graduation from college Martin had the opportunity of serving as an intern to then
Congressman Dick Cheney at his office in Washington D.C. Then he served the Stan
Stephens for Governor Campaign in Montana, he was later appointed to Governor
Stephens Office as a Legislative Liaison.
In November of 1989 Martins parents came to visit him. He spent the first day of their
visit pheasant hunting with his father while his mother toured Helena with the First
Lady of Montana. Driving back to Helena Martin and his father were in a pickup
accident that left his father a paraplegic the rest of his life. Martin worked as General
Manager of his father’s dealership until 1997.
In 1997 Martin purchased his own dealership in Torrington Wyoming and successfully
operated that business for twenty years. He sold the business in May of 2017.
Before coming to WCCA, Martin started his own digital marketing business, invested
and consulted in some startup businesses, assisted Shopko through their liquidation
and was a substitute teacher.
Martin hopes to serve the Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy as a Public Relations
Specialist for many years to come.



Name: Martha Ball

Position: Alpha Counselor

Phone: 307-836-7514

Martha Ball has been in the position of counselor since November 2012. She is the lead counselor for the alpha classes.


Name: Donna Dawson

Position: Bravo Counselor

Phone: 307-836-7513

Donna Dawson is the lead counselor for Bravo Company.   Donna started at WCCA in July of 2012.



Name: Corrin Noggle

Position: Social Studies Instructor and Lead Instructor

Phone: 307-836-7521

Corrin Noggle began working for WCCA in August of 2014, as the Social Studies Instructor.  She is also responsible for the Core Component Responsible Citizenship and is the Cadet Council Sponsor.


Name: Deidra Wilson

Position: English Instructor

Phone: 307-836-7500


Name: Kaycee Scherger

Position: Science Instructor

Phone: 307-836-7504

Kaycee Scherger started working for Wyoming Cowboy ChalleNGe Academy in 2019 as the science instructor. She is also responsible for the core component  Health and Hygiene.


Name: Nichole Espinosa

Position: Math Instructor

Phone: 307-836-7523

Nichole Espinosa started working for the Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy in 2016 as the Math Instructor. Nichole also oversees the Engineering Club that cadets attend weekly.

Medical Officer

Edited DSC_0171


Name: Jacqui Lloyd

Position: Medical Officer

Phone: 307-836-7510




Name: Christian Cooper

Position: Logistics Specialist

Phone: 307-836-7511

Christian Cooper started working for the Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy in August 2018 as the Logistic Specialist.



Name: Nikki Quynn

Position: Budget Specialist

Phone: 307-836-7520

Nikki starting working for WCCA in Sept 2019 as the Budget Officer. She brings over 20 years of accounting and finance experience to the program.



Name: David Husted

Position: IT Specialist

Phone: 307-836-7505

David Husted accepted the IT position March 2017. He brings a wealth of leadership experience and knowledge having served in the WYARNG as an IT Specialist.

Program Training Coordinator


Name: Cricket Reyher

Position: Program Training Coordinator

Phone: 307-836-7526

Cricket Reyher started working for the Wyoming Cowboy ChalleNGe Academy in 2012 as a cadre. Cricket has also held the position of Operations Administrative Assistant and Cadre Shift Supervisor.



Name: Joe Perez

Position: Commandant

Phone: 307-836-7500


Name: Steve Secor

Position: Cadre Shift Supervisor

Phone: 307-836-7508


Name: Amanda Wilhelm

Position: Cadre Shift Supervisor

Phone: 307-836-7508


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