Staff Directory

Administrative Staff


Name: Eric Brooks

Position: Director

Phone: 307-836-7500

Eric Brooks is the Director of the Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy. In this role he oversees staff, programming, and budget for the Challenge Academy. Director Brooks is originally from Monrovia, CA where he earned a scholarship offer at Arizona Western College in Yuma, Arizona to play football in 2007. After two years there, he graduated with his associate’s degree. In 2009, He transferred to play football at the University of Wyoming and graduated from UW in 2011 with his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. In 2011 Director Brooks was offered a position with the Cathedral Home for Children, in Laramie, Wyoming and held the following position over the next 6 years: Youth Worker, Crisis Coordinator, and Director of Crisis Services. Director Brooks also has experience working in adult corrections. Director Brooks was offered the Director position at the WCCA in December of 2016 and started in January of 2017.


Name: David Salazar

Position: Deputy Director

Phone: 307-836-7500

David Salazar assumed the duties and responsibilities as the deputy director in April 2017. He brings a wealth of leadership experience having served in the U.S. Marine Corps and as a Department of the Army employee for nearly 20 years. David helps facilitate the Photography Club.


Name: Edie Harris

Position: Executive Admin Assistant

Phone: 307-836-7500

Edwina (Edie) Harris is the Executive Administrative Assistant and started at WCCA in 2016.  Each day brings a new challenge but nothing can be more rewarding than the privilege of seeing the youth here working on their growth as an individual. She is very fortune to be a part of the Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy team.

RPM Staff


Name: Kayla Wagner

Position: RPM Coordinator

Phone: 307-836-7503

Kayla Wagner started working for the Wyoming Cowboy Challenge academy in 2015 as the Bravo Company Casemanager. In 2017, she started working as the Information Technology Specialists and Program Training Coordinator.  In 2018, she accepted the RPM Coordinator position.


Name: Vacant

Position: RPM Assistant

Phone: 307-836-7500



Name: Sandra Harold

Position: RPM Assistant

Phone: 307-836-7518

Sandra Harold is a Recruiting, Placement & Mentoring Assistant at ChalleNGe. She first held a cadre position during the 2006 Inaugural class through Class 2, then left to pursue her education, get married and start a family. When a vacancy in the RPM Department recently opened, she decided to return to WCCA and re-joined the program on April 24, 2017.


Name: Stacey Ferguson

Position: Recruiter Region 1

Phone: 307-331-4657

Stacey Ferguson started working for Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy in June of 2016.  Stacey is a recruiter out of the Cheyenne region.


Name: April Corwin

Position: Recruiter Region 2

Phone: 307-677-6136

April Corwin started working for the Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy in November of 2017. April is a recruiter out of the Evanston region.


Name: Don Shreve

Position: Recruiter Region 3

Phone: 307-250-8468

Don Shreve has lived in Cody Wyoming and has been with the program since 2012. He is a recruiter and loves his job as he is given the opportunity to change young people’s lives.


Name: Vacant

Position: Recruiter Region 4

Phone: 307-836-7500



Name: David Kiiskinen

Position: Recruiter Region 5

Phone: 307-836-7518

David started working with the WCCA in 2017 as a Public Relations Specialist/Recruiter. David has a diverse background working with people in various fields including health care, law enforcement and film/television. David is proud to be a part of WCCA’s mission – enabling at risk youth to gain “the courage to change”; to do and be their best and be responsible citizens of Wyoming and our country. David works out of the Guernsey region.



Name: Martha Ball

Position: Alpha Counselor

Phone: 307-836-7514

Martha Ball has been in the position of counselor since November 2012. She is the lead counselor for the alpha classes.


Name: Donna Dawson

Position: Bravo Counselor

Phone: 307-836-7513

Donna Dawson is the lead counselor for Bravo Company.   Donna started at WCCA in July of 2012.



Name: Angie Schultz

Position: English Instructor and Lead Instructor

Phone: 307-836-7500

Angie Schultz began her career with Challenge in 2005 and came to Cowboy Challenge in 2006.   In 2007, Mrs. Schultz became the Lead Instructor.  She continues to teach Reading, Writing, Code of the West 10 Principles, and sponsors art club.  Mrs. Schultz is also a trained Freedom Writer Teacher as well as a Love and Logic instructor.


Name: Corrin Noggle

Position: Social Studies Instructor

Phone: 307-836-7500

Corrin Noggle began working for WCCA in August of 2014, as the Social Studies Instructor.  She is also responsible for the Core Component Responsible Citizenship and is the Cadet Council Sponsor.


Name: Michelle Lund

Position: Science Instructor

Phone: 307-836-7500

Michelle Lund started working for Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy September of 2015. Her position has been the Science instructor while at this program. Michelle is a licensed K-12 Special Education Generalist instructor.


Name: Nichole Espinosa

Position: Math Instructor

Phone: 307-836-7500

Nichole Espinosa started working for the Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy in 2016 as the Math Instructor. Nichole also oversees the Engineering Club that cadets attend weekly.

Medical Officer


Name: Linda Busch

Position: Medical Officer

Phone: 307-836-7510

Linda Busch started working for the Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy in 2017 as the Medical Officer.



Name: Dakota Darling

Position: Logistics Specialist

Phone: 307-836-7511

Dakota Darling started working for the Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy in January of 2015 as the Logistic Specialist. Dealing with cadet and staff supply, purchasing general needs and materials, controlling building keys, vehicles, and building maintenance she has the opportunity to cover a wide range of job activities.



Name: Robyn Huber

Position: Budget Officer

Phone: 307-836-7520

Robyn Huber started working at Challenge in November 2005 as the Program Specialist.  In February 2010, she began as the Wyoming Challenge Budget Officer.



Name: Vacant

Position: IT Specialist

Phone: 307-836-7500





Position: Commandant

Phone: 307-836-7500



Name: Christi Parrish

Position: Ops Admin Assistant

Phone: 307-836-7522

Christi is a University of Wyoming alumni and has been with the State for several years. She joined WCCA in 2012 in what was then the RPM department. In 2015, she moved to the Operations department to become the Commandants Assistant, and puts special emphasis on scheduling & coordinating service to community events for the cadets.


Name: Cricket Reyher

Position: Bravo First Sergeant

Phone: 307-836-7516

Cricket Reyher started working for the Wyoming Cowboy ChalleNGe Academy in 2012 as a cadre. Cricket has also held the position of Operations Administrative Assistant.  She is currently holding the position of Cadre Shift Supervisor.


Name: Dean Crowe

Position: Alpha First Sergeant

Phone: 307-836-7508

Dean Crowe started working for WCCA in April of 2014.  He is currently the 1st Sgt. for Alpha afternoon shift.


Name: Sheryl Kirkikis

Position: Alpha First Sergeant

Phone: 307-836-7508

Sheryl Kirkikis started working for WCCA in December 2016.  She is currently the 1st Sgt. for Alpha morning shift.


Name: Joshua McGuire

Position: Bravo First Sergeant

Phone: 307-836-7516

Joshua McGuire started working for WCCA in August 2016.  He is currently the 1st Sgt. for Bravo morning shift.



Operations-The Operations Department is responsible for all movement, discipline and scheduling throughout the cadet’s day.  These Sergeants (cadre) teach, instill and role model the 5 core values of WCCA:  Integrity, Courage, Honor, Commitment and Discipline. Cadre actively monitor and work alongside cadets at all Service to Community opportunities, drill and ceremony, on and off camp activities as well as regularly scheduled programming (meals, barracks maintenance, physical training).