Meet the Staff

Administrative Staff

Holly M. Shenefelt, Colonel, WY ANG

  • Director (Acting)
  • 307-836-7500

Jaime Potter

  • Deputy Director
  • 307-836-7500

Jaime hired on as a Cadre Team Leader in August 2020. Graduating from the University of Northern Colorado with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice and Sociology, Jaime brought with her 9+ years of combined experience within the penal system and mental health fields. Motivated to continue to positively impact youths’ lives, she accepted the WCCA counselor position in June 2021. In August of 2022, WCCA welcomed her into the Deputy Director position and looks forward to her leadership and continued ability to make a difference in Cadet's lives every

Edie Harris

  • Executive Admin Assistant
  • 307-836-7500

Edwina (Edie) Harris is the Executive Administrative Assistant and started at WCCA in 2016. Each day brings a new challenge but nothing can be more rewarding than the privilege of seeing the youth here working on their growth as an individual. She is ver

RPM Staff

Christi Parrish

  • RPM Coordinator
  • 307-836-7518

Christi is a University of Wyoming alumni and has worked for the State for several years. She joined WCCA in the RPM department as a recruiter and Bravo case manager; moved to the Operations department to become the Commandant’s Assistant. In March, Christi returned to the RPM department as a recruiter.

Abby Betcher

  • Case Manager
  • 307-836-7517

Terri Cordingly

  • Case Manager
  • 307-836-7524

Teri Cordingly joined WCCA in October of 2021. She brings with her years of volunteer experience- working with youth within the school district and as a 4-H Leader for 18 years. Teri also has years of customer service knowledge she hopes to pass along to cadets during Job Skills. She looks forward to working with the cadets, parents and mentors.

April Corwin

  • Recruiter Region 2- Sublette, Teton, Lincoln, Uinta, Sweetwater and Carbon Counties
  • 307-677-6136

April Corwin graduated from college and began working as a recruiter for a school that helps youth obtain education and job trades. She went on to work in the recreation and the aquatics and spent over 15 years in various recreation management positions. She has always enjoy working with young adults and helping them to succeed in their careers and education. Mrs. Corwin started working for WCCA in Nov. of 2017 and has again enjoyed making a difference in young people’s lives by recruiting students for WCCA.

Don Shreve

  • Recruiter Region 3- Park, Fremont, Hot Springs, Big Horn, Washakie, Johnson and Sheridan Counties
  • 307-250-8468

Don Shreve has lived in Cody Wyoming and has been with the program since 2012. He is a recruiter and loves his job as he is given the opportunity to change young people’s lives.

Amanda Preddice- Milne

  • Region 4 Recruiter- Natrona, Campbell, Converse and Platte Counties
  • 307-331-3904

Amanda brings a variety of non-profit and agency experience to WCCA, including seven years as part of the 197th Public Affairs Detachment in the WYARNG. After years of mentoring youth in Casper she joined the organization in November 2021. Amanda hopes to offer an opportunity for success to the students who aren’t excelling in the traditional home and academic setting.

Martin Gubbels

  • Recruiter Region 5- Crook, Weston, Niobrara, Goshen, Laramie and Albany Counties
  • 307-836-7503

Martin Gubbels has engaged in working with, serving, helping, teaching, coaching, mentoring, and learning from people, especially young people all his life. He came to WCCA in May of 2020. Upon graduation from college Martin had the opportunity of serving as an intern to then Congressman Dick Cheney at his office in Washington D.C. Then he served the Stan Stephens for Governor Campaign in Montana, he was later appointed to Governor Stephens Office as a Legislative Liaison. Martin hopes to serve the Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy as a Public R


Donna Dawson

  • Counselor
  • 307-836-7500

Donna Dawson has been part of the counseling team since 2012 and is now the department’s lead counselor, and teaches our healthy relationships core component. She arranges for therapeutic appointments between cadets and their therapists, meets with kids to work on current issues at WCCA including conflict resolution, stress management, anger management and building strong self-esteem. Parents are welcome to call anytime to see how their cadets are doing and for any questions.

Lauren Delgado

  • Counselor
  • 307-836-7500


Corrin Noggle

  • Lead Instructor and Social Studies
  • 307-836-7500

Corrin Noggle began working for WCCA in August of 2014, as the Social Studies Instructor. She is also responsible for the Core Component Responsible Citizenship and is the Cadet Council Sponsor.

Andy Baldwin

  • Math Instructor
  • 307-836-7500

Mr. Baldwin has been the math teacher at WCCA since December of 2020. Prior to working at WCCA he worked in corrections four and half years teaching HiSET classes. He truly enjoys teaching and seeks to make a difference in young people's lives through building meaningful relationships and giving instruction in a way students can understand.

Kaycee Scherger

  • Science Instructor
  • 307-836-7500

Kaycee Scherger started working for Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy in 2019 as the science instructor. She is also responsible for the core component Health and Hygiene.

Deidra Wilson

  • English Instructor
  • 307-836-7500

Deidra Wilson began teaching in 2009 and joined WCCA as the Language Arts teacher in 2018. She is also in charge of the Library and checking in and out books to the cadets. Deidra has an M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction and a Bachelor's of Arts in English and Writing.

Medical Officer


  • Registered Nurse, Medical Officer
  • 307-836-7500

Kendra Sierra

  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • 307-836-7500

Kendra previously served food to the WCCA Cadets at the DFAC while working her way through college. In February of 2021, she began as Cadre, but decided it would be best to use her college education and pursue the nursing position.


Shay Walker

  • Logistics Specialist
  • 307-836-7500


Tammie Tjalma

  • Budget Specialist
  • 307-836-7500

Tammie has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and brings 10 years of bookkeeping and accounting experience to our organization. She joined the WCCA team in November 2021 believing all kids deserve a chance in a setting that will allow them to become their very best. In some situations, that setting needs to be structured.


David Husted

  • IT Specialist
  • 307-836-7505

David Husted accepted the IT position March 2017. He brings a wealth of leadership experience and knowledge having served in the WYARNG as an IT Specialist.

Program Training Coordinator

Rochelle Stitt

  • Compliance Officer
  • 307-836-7500

Rochelle worked with the first three WCCA classes from 2005 to 2006 and rehired on as Cadre in 2017. During the next four years she worked her way up into the Shift Supervisor position, before becoming the Compliance Officer. Rochelle is passionate about creating opportunity for change and offering mentorship toward a productive mindset and understanding of emotional intelligence. “I believe that this program offers our youth an opportunity unlike any other to set themselves up for a successful future, leaving with a support system in place and

Payton Young

  • Program Trainer
  • 307-836-7500


Joe Perez

  • Commandant
  • 307-836-7500