About WCCA

WCCA has graduated 980 cadets!

The WCCA is a two-phased voluntary program geared toward Wyoming’s 16-to-18 years old at-risk youth. The first phase is a 22-week or 5.5 month residential program followed by a 12-month post-residential or at home second phase. The Residential Phase of the program takes place in a safe, disciplined and motivational environment that promotes structure, teamwork, self-control and academics along with leadership, health, community service, life skills, job skills, physical fitness and citizenship.

The Post-Residential Phase takes place after graduation from the Residential Phase and is a time when the cadet uses the skills learned in the Residential Phase through their placement in either a job, further education, or the military. The cadet is matched with a mentor during the Residential Phase and this mentor helps guide the cadet during the 12-month post-residential period.


The Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy opened its doors in January 2006 as the Wyoming Youth Challenge Program and successfully graduated 22 Cadets in its first class in June 2006. The Academy is located in Guernsey, Wyoming and resides primarily in Building 505 on the State’s National Guard Camp Guernsey Joint Training Facility. After modifications in the summer of 2006, the program expanded and now operates its campus which comprise three separate facilities.

The Academy also uses the camp’s Dining Facility for meals, the camp Chapel for presentations and optional faith/spiritual training, the Obstacle and Confidence courses as well as other services to meet Academy needs. The WCCA greatly appreciates Camp Guernsey’s leadership and support to our mission; without these enablers WCCA’s success would not be possible. In July 2012, the program adopted its current name, the Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy (WCCA), and embraced the State’s official code, the Code of the West. A Cowboy Ethics curriculum has been added and is now an integral part of the WCCA’s program.